Rich For State Representative


In response to the budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Bonnie Rich voted to cut her own pay by 10 percent to even out the state budget and save taxpayer dollars for other, more important needs. She also voted to pass safe harbor legislation to ensure Georgia’s businesses can safely reopen and not fear unwarranted lawsuits capitalizing on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Protecting our Most Vulnerable

During the 2020 legislative session, Bonnie supported and voted for legislation to expand Medicaid to new mothers for six months after giving birth.

She stood up to greedy pharmacy benefit managers and forced them to lower the cost of prescription drugs, which will provide affordable and accessible medicine to vulnerable Georgians who need it most. Bonnie voted to pass historic hate crimes legislation that provides for enhanced sentencing after conviction of the underlying crime.

She authored and fought hard to pass legislation that regulates the sale of vape products to our youth and raises the age to purchase and possess tobacco and vape products to 21.

She sponsored SB 477 in the House, important legislation that protects victims of domestic abuse, and SB 435, legislation that brings justice for human trafficking survivors.

In 2019, Bonnie sponsored legislation that allows Gwinnett County to maintain control of its public county law library, an invaluable resource for our citizens. She also co-sponsored Margie’s Law, legislation that requires every woman be told if she has dense breast tissue, a law that will likely save countless lives.

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