Rich For State Representative


Less Taxation

Bonnie opposes tax increases and is a co-sponsor of the tax refund bill, H.B. 1302, which gives a tax refund to every Georgia taxpayer. She is working to pass the income tax cut bill which will lower Georgia’s state income tax from 5.75% to 5.25%. This will result in a $1 billion cut.

Proponent of Second Amendment; Grade of A from NRA

Bonnie supports Georgia’s new Constitutional carry bill, which will eliminate the need for a government permit to carry firearms within the state. Bonnie is rated ‘A’ by the NRA and will always support our 2A rights.

Pro Life – Certified Pro Life by Ga Life Alliance

Bonnie believes all life is precious. That’s why she’s been a strong supporter of protecting human life. She is certified Pro-Life by the Georgia Life Alliance.


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