Rich For State Representative

Stopping the Spread of COVID-19

As a mother and small business owner, Bonnie shares your concerns about slowing the spread of COVID-19. She is committed to doing everything she can to keep our families safe and ensure our medical professionals have the resources and tools they need.

That’s why she voted for an additional $100M to help our first responders, health care professionals, public health experts and others combat this pandemic. That’s why she also supports our local leaders to make decisions and implement measures to slow the spread in their own communities.

Rebuilding our Economy and Creating Jobs

As a result of years of strong conservative fiscal policy, Georgia went into the COVID-19 pandemic in an extremely strong position economically. We must be intentional in our rebuilding plan. I am committed to reducing red tape and enacting legislation that encourages job creation and attracts new business to Georgia in order to provide meaningful opportunities for our citizens.

Pro-Second Amendment

She is a strong supporter of law enforcement and will defend your right to bear arms.  As a result, she has earned the endorsement of the Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway.

Education and our Youth

Bonnie understands many of her neighbors chose our community because of the excellent public schools, and she is committed to maintaining the high standard of education we have. She voted to fully fund education in Georgia and is a strong advocate for our youth. .

Proponent of the Georgia Fair Tax

Bonnie is a life-long conservative, a believer in smaller government, reduced spending and is a proponent of the Georgia Fair Tax, which replaces the state income tax with a consumption tax.

Certified Pro-Life by the Georgia affiliate of National Right to Life, Georgia Life Alliance

Bonnie is pro-life, and has achieved the official certification of Georgia’s Chapter of National Right to Life, the Georgia Life Alliance.

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